Today : Monday, September 25, 2017

- Assessing the stability of the central body workout book written by Jason Bromyt. Translated by: Dr.Mansour Sahebozamani, Ibrahim Mohammadali Nasab Mohammadfallah Mohammadi

- Stretching to prevent injury and relieve pain treatment - Christian Berg, Translated by Dr. Sahebalzamani, Hemin Mohammadi and Ibrahim Mohamed Ali Nasab

- A comprehensive _ on medicine and sports science, sports injury prevention guide written by Roald Baher and the Lars Angbrtsn. Translated by Dr. Sahebalzamani , Dr. Rahnama, Heiman Mohammadi.

- Biomechanics _ Sport (reducing the risk of injury and improve athletic performance), written by Roger Bartlett and Melanie Bussey . Translated by Muhammad Taqi Amiri Khorasani .

- Biomechanics of skeletal muscle. Translated by Dr. Mohammad Taqi Amiri Khorasani.

- 100 questions and answers about sports injuries
Translated by N. Afhami, Reza Syamaki, Hamid Dehnavi

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