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Laboratory of Physical Education of Sports Sciences Faculty is one of the most equipped Laboratories in the country, having more than 50 applied equipment in sports physiology, movement behavior, correctional movements, sports injuries and sports biomechanics. This laboratory provides proper conditions for performing research in physical education and sports sciences and is also prepared to provide services to students in writing their theses and to professors in different research activities.

In Charge

Sedighe Shekari


 2nd Floor, Multipurpose Hall, Pardize Olum, Shahid Bahonar University

Equipments Available in Sports Physiology Laboratory:

(Monark Ergomedic Peak Bike (894Ea

(Monark Ergomedic (839 E

(ECB PRO Trainer 604 (TUNTURI

(ECB Ergometer 405 (TUNTURI

(Air persistence Climber 704 (TUNTURI

(Ergometer 303(TUNTURI

h/p/cosmos treadmill

(Professional Treadmill 880 (TUNTURI

Body Composition Analyzer

(Gas Analyzer (power lap

(Electrocardiograph (ECG

(Electromyography (EMG

Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Electronic Back Muscle Dynamometer

Digital Electronic Dynamometer

Hand Grip Dynamometer

Back Muscle Dynamometer

Electronic Dynamometer

Shoulder Girdle Dynamometer

Vertical Jumping Tester

Pulse Counter for Group

Digital Jumping Tester

Side Stepping counter

(Caliper( Skyndex

(Caliper (Eiyoken_type


(Height gauge (Seca

(Digital Balance ) Sahand

Rat Treadmill


Metronom System Maelzel

Spinal mouse



Flexible curve


Stability platform

Rotary pursuit

Linear movement device

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