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The school, which was originally called the Department of Physical Education was established in 1984 admitting 10 students in undergraduate physical education. Currently, this department, with the use of sports facilities in- and off-campus is engaged in educational and research activities in sports and physical education fields. 

Sports facilities:
Two multi-purpose hall, lounge, football field, track and field, beach volleyball court, tennis courts, fitness halls, dormitories, volleyball courts, outdoor basketball and handball fields

Educational and Research opportunities (classes, computer center, laboratories) include:
Five classes equipped with APEC, video projector, slide, television, and educational tapes, Laboratory of Exercise Physiology, Behavior and Pathology, computer center with 20 computers connected to the Internet Network

Department of Education, Office of Publications, Office of Public Affairs, Audiovisual Unit, Library, Computer Center, Exercise Physiology Laboratories

Features for practical courses:
Multipurpose hall, club, gym, wrestling, table tennis, track and field, swimming pool

Deans from the beginning to the present:

1 - A. Iranmanesh
2 - Nusratullah Shhbazpur
3 - M. Sahebozamani (supervisor)
4 - Ali Reza Saberi Kakhki
5-  M. Sahebozamani

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